Why Teach Aqua Yoga

If you're an aquatics professional or a yoga teacher, aqua yoga is a natural modality to add to your offerings.

  • Expand Your Income

    As a yoga teacher, aqua yoga can reduce the seasonality of your income. Lots of teachers face student declines during the summer - summer is the busiest season for aqua yoga and expands your offerings to more locations and more people.

  • Expand Who You Serve

    There's a huge percentage of the population who is not well served by traditional mat yoga - aqua yoga is accessible to them. Aqua yoga is kinder on your body to teach as an aquatics professional and expands your offerings.

  • Expand Your Skillsets

    Working in the medium of water expands your teaching skills and makes you a better teacher of land yoga. Adding aqua yoga to existing aquatics programs helps you bring in new clients and offer existing clients new classes.

Words from teachers I've trained

“I completed Christa’s Intro to Aqua Yoga course recently and am thoroughly enjoying this water practice for myself and plan to teach it to others soon. Christa is a very good communicator and diligent in the execution of her training and responses. I was so impressed by her responsiveness and efficiency. She treated each of the participants with respect and friendliness. She teaches with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge and I learned a lot about yoga in general, but specifically the adaptation of land yoga to a water practice. She gives you many, many tools and lots of personal assistance. I highly recommend all her courses.”


Michelle Tornetta

“I very enthusiastically recommend this online course. Christa’s instructions are careful and thorough. Christa’s background and expertise cannot be over-emphasized. Through experience and training she has developed methods of safely leading individuals with physical limitations as they explore exercise effectively.”

Aqua Yoga Teacher

Katherine Lee

Video Resources

Packed with real time videos

  • Every pose we cover has two videos - one for how to perform the posture and one for all the teaching tips - 90+ videos (more than 14 hours)
  • You'll also receive two full sequence videos so you can see a full practice in action.
  • Plus videos on the benefits of aqua yoga, how to sequence, anatomy and physiology, principles of aquatics and more...

Downloadable Resources

Reference materials

  • 88 page manual
  • Download 2 full practice sequences you can laminate
  • My book, There's no P in our OOL, applying yoga philosophy to an aqua yoga practice
  • Download 2 full audio sequences  to practice and memorize

Teaching Support

Face to face feedback

  • Weekly 40 minute video conference calls
  • (2) one half hour private sessions with me during the course
  • Weekly support emails
  • 1 hour private session with me to go over your video teaching submission and get actionable teaching tips

People I've worked with

You want to work with someone who's a leader in the field who has a track record of teaching and supporting others as they step up

“It was clear to me how passionate you are about your work and what a great job you do presenting your material. You are extremely thorough and caring in your way of teaching.”

Aqua Yoga Trainee

Alicia Young

“You met every goal of the course, and then some. Your content and your ability to "connect" has changed my view of Aqua Yoga. My life has an added dimension of exercise. I am grateful to you for your time and dedication. ”

Intro to Aqua Yoga Student

Rikki Gross


  • Do I need access to a pool?

    Yes. It doesn't have to be every day but you need a pool to practice in and to use to record your teaching sample submission.

  • Is this course eligible for CEU's?

    The course is eligible for 21 hours of contact hours with Yoga Alliance if completed before Sept. 30th. 21 hours non-contact thereafter, and 15 hours from the Aquatic Exercise Association.

  • What if I'm not already a yoga or aquatics teacher?

    This course is designed for yoga or aquatics professionals. It's not a basic teaching course and assumes you already know the mechanics of being a good movement teacher. If you're a professional in another capacity and feel like this might be a fit for you, email me and let's talk. christa@christafairbrother.com

  • What technology do I need for this course?

    You'll need access to a phone or laptop. You'll need either a personal printer or access to a copy service. You'll also need some way to record your teaching submission, that could be a phone, a digital camera that shoots video, or a camcorder

  • Can I take this course if I'm outside the US?

    Yes! We will work out time frames that meet both our schedules for your one on one session. The enrollment platform accepts credit cards or PayPal. Please check with your local governing body about transferring CEC credits if applicable.

  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    You'll have 12 months after the course starts to complete the training. The course requires at least 6 weeks but can easily be accomplished in 3 months.

  • What if I change my mind about the course?

    As so much of the content is downloadable, once the course starts there's no refunds.

Meet Christa

Christa Fairbrother, E-RYT/RYT-500
Aqua Kriya Yoga Certified
Aqua Yoga Specialist
Aquatic Fitness Professional
Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified
Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor
Lover of yoga, books, and tea

I use my 25+ years of yoga practice, my Master's in education and all my teaching experiences to provide you with trainings that are complete, filled with resources, and actionable. After this training you'll have the skillsets and the confidence to teach quality aqua yoga programs to diverse clients in your community.

Christa Fairbrother

Aqua Yoga Coach and Trainer